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All candidates debate in Parkdale-High Park

Here are the candidates:

Andrew Borkowski Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Jilian Saweczko Conservative Party of Canada

Rob Rishchynski Green Party of Canada

Rob Rishchynski

Gerard Kennedy Liberal Party of Canada

Gerard Kennedy

Terry Parker Marijuana Party

Peggy Nash New Democratic Party of Canada (presently holds the seat)

Peggy Nash

What we saw:

Some highlights included –

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada candidate was funny and served as comic relief. He got booed heavily when he said that he does not believe that global warming is real and that it has served to make Al Gore rich.

The Green Party candidate was very succinct and he also knew the party policies. Very relatable and discussed not being part of partisan politics, referring to Nash and Kennedy. Green Party discussed tax strategies including  not taxing income up to $25,000.

Marijuana party candidate was a joke and funny.

A major theme of the night became the issue of how to help the environment and the economy – mainly taxing at the source, cap and trade or carbon tax.

NDP surprisingly were really strong on the issues of arctic sovereignty and stopping foreign takeovers. She spoke strongly on opposing the war in Afghanistan and how her party voted against the Afghanistan war extension twice.

Kennedy had to defend supporting the current government’s mandates in parliament and he discussed how him and his party plan on reversing the items they voted for if elected to a new government. He played the victim card and said that they had to juggle between bringing down the government and forcing an election or trying to work with what they had.

The Conservative candidate kept referring to the new child benefit and the GST cut as a way of decreasing poverty in cities. She also briefly discussed the Conservative green plan as a set of fines for large companies that have large carbon emissions.

When asked, the NDP candidate discussed the possibility of a coalition with any other party and the Liberal candidate shot the idea down.

Abstraction reaction observations:

Jilian Saweczko

– not a clear communicator but at least she showed up. Long winded and read from a script. Has a son in the service and did not say she wanted to pull the troops out of Afghanistan. Was pro-life but said that Harper would not open the issue. Hard to understand because of accent and lack of communication skills.

Peggy Nash

– clear, concise, affable, competent, engaging, a lot of applause, roars from the crowd, respectful to the other candidates, proficient, clearly stated her stance on every issue

Rob Rishchynski

– clear, concise, not as articulate but made key points

Gerard Kennedy

– smarmy, overly confident, not direct in his answers, blustery, came off very evangelical and grandiose, grabbed mic and walked about the stage as if in a church service, impatient with the organizers, visible flustered at times, was reprimanded by the moderator, rude


Ladies and Gentlemen: Introducing… Stephane Dion!!

Stephane Dion wants to use this week’s leadership debate to introduce himself to Canadians, claiming that “Canadians want to know me.”   Isn’t it a bit late?  The election is less than a month away.  I say we get ready for the next Liberal leadership race!


It’s all Gerard Kennedy’s fault

Stephane Dion is making promises of spending billions of dollars if he is elected Prime Minister.  The problem is that those dreams are so unrealistic right now.  The “team’s” goals now should be to avoid losing most of their seats.  Dion’s problems in the polls and with his leadership are not actually all his fault.  I blame Gerard Kennedy.  Back at the Liberal leadership race, Kennedy threw his support behind Dion and his followers followed.  Dion should not have been the leader of the party.  Kennedy will get his socks knocked off when he loses against NDP Peggy Nash in High Park-Parkdale.  The next leader of the Liberal party should be Michael Ignatieff


Quebeckers say they want Celine Dion not Stephane Dion!

Support for the Liberal Party is way down in La Belle Province!  In some areas, they are tied with or less popular than the NDP, which traditionally in Quebec, is a bit player.


Bob Rae sits on the bench…

Bob Rae, who recently won a riding in Toronto for the Liberal party, will be sitting in the front bench as Stephane Dion reshuffles his seating arrangement at the latest Liberal Party Tea Party.


Harper sues the Liberals, and Other Blogs

Stephen Harper is suing the Liberals over the Cadman scandal, to the tune of $2.5 million, CDN of course.  This entire fiasco is an act of juvenile machismo and only goes to show exactly how ineffective and useless this current government is.  Who’s next? The WordPress blogs? Perez Hilton? The Conservative government needs to be booted and sent to the curb.  If only Stephane Dion could grow a pair of balls, or borrow Michael Ignatieff’s.


Iggy could have been ours!!!!!!!!!!

Watching and blogging about the recent American Republican and Democratic primaries has made me realize that if the same process of leader selection was done in Canada, the political landscape would be quite different.  Stephane Dion would have never been the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.  This has nothing to do with either his inability to do the job or his Quebec heritage.  It has to do with likability and popularity, plain and simple.  When he was selected, no one, except for those avidly active in politics, knew who he was.  Michael Ignatieff, on the other hand, was wildly popular, well known and respected.  Although as Canadians we often look down on American politics, this is certainly a superior situation where leaders are selected democratically and not by a small group of people that certainly don’t represent the average citizen.  Iggy could have been ours!!!!!!!!!!!!


John Baird is very Beary

Canadian Minister of the Environment, John Baird, thinks that a recent green bill proposed is the end all and be all of environmental sustainability. The undying leftys in parliament, known as the NDP, have tabled a motion to take down the government because it isn’t setting the environment as a priority. Of course, Stephane Dion and the Liberal Party don’t want an election because of their lack of charismatic leadership. However, Stephen Harper has maintained that John Baird will continue to escort the First Lady, Laureen Harper, to all public function. Harper isn’t acting like the usual right wing insecure jealous husband because Baird is a big, lovable Bear.


The Devil Threatens to Sue over Dead Man’s Insurance

It’s not enough that the Cadman’s family has to tolerate the Conservative party basically calling them liars, but now Stephen Harper threatens to sue the Liberal party of Canada and Stephane Dion over remarks on their website. Not only are the conservative being painted as bribers but now they’re also an impediment to free speech, again.


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