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Rachel Maddow for Senator!!!!

Although she has profusely denied that she has plans to run for Senator in Massachusetts, here at Abstraction Reaction, we fully support a bid by Rachel Maddow to dethrone Scott Brown from his Senate seat!  Go Rachel!!!!  We thinks we will add her to a new list of Sexay Senators!!!  Awesome.


Sarah Palin Sex Scandal

The Sarah Palin sex scandal story just won’t die.  Here’s a live admition of how she gets on her sexy times with almost everybody and anybody…


Cindy “Trainwreck Tranny” McCain considers Dancing with the Stars!!!

We couldn’t believe this when we saw it.  But, it comes from a very credible source, that being ET Online (haha!).  Apparently, Cindy McCain, the most convincing tranny married to a Republican, actually considered going on the show Dancing with the Stars.  But alas, she has a bad knee.  That didn’t stop Heather Mills from dancing, and she only has ONE knee!!! Cindy McCain: you is a wuss!!!!!!


Perez Hilton and Richard Simmons to Host Gay Military L.A. Bash!

Ok, we lied.  There’s no party.  But Faux News has a story running about Obama repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Basically, before Clinton, all gay people were banned from the military.  Bill Clinton thought that he could make some progress by changing the laws such that gays could be in the military as long as they don’t reveal their sexuality.  Well, this has turned out to be less than advantageous for both the military and gays.  What’s alarming in the article is this notion that lifting the Clinton-era policies (and hence allowing openly gay people to serve) would make the military a big fag-fest.  This is such bull shit. Do the old douche bags that took part in the military poll actually think that gays will flock to the military like they do to a Cher concert? This seems sooooo unlikely.  Just another example of right wing crazies and a conservative agenda at Faux News!



Dick Cheney talks Bush, guns and sexy times!

Dick Cheney will be giving his first interview this weekend since leaving the puppetier, er, I mean, VP’s office.  Seriously, does Dick really think anybody wants to hear what he has to say, let alone NOW? Sure he can trash talk both Bush and Obama now that he has nothing to lose but his integrity.  What we’d like to hear are about all the sexy times he had in the White House.  He should write a tell-all book about his sexcapades in the VP office.  Oh wait, he shoots off pellet guns because he has no schlong.  My


Megyn Kelly likes animals because they are made of meat.

Megyn Kelly, the demur Faux News anchor shown on the right, has a problem with PETA showing two women kissing in their titilating ads.  PETA says that the ads work and people shouldn’t be so uptight.  Perhaps Megyn’s homophobia is rearing its ugly head.  We would not be surprised if Megyn herself has taken part in some girl on girl action or even a threesome.  Megyn’s job is to be the mildly articulate, semi-hot conservative anchor on Faux News and she has to over-react to such things; it’s her job.  We just are concerned for her emotionally because after years of doing this, the lack of integrity may cause her to go crazy.  We’d love for a Megyn Kelly sex tape to surface; showing her getting on with another woman of course!banderaskelly_427


Who is Stephen Harper with Lipstick?

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the difference between Stephen Harper and Sarah Palin is lipstick.

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