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Meghan McCain Is Sexy Hot and Not So Trannylicious!!!

Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, has been making quite the stir in the political world.  She claims to be a Republican and has openly criticized the party in the hopes of reform.  She writes for the Daily Beast and has lately been a target for extreme right-wing political commentators.  They have insulted her intelligence, her femininity, her integrity and her weight.  She has rebuttled by saying “Kiss my fat ass!”  Nicely said! I actually think that all the right-wing crazies are a bit jealous of the attention that she is getting and the fact that she is sexy hot and smart. Nonetheless, she would make an awesome plus-size model.



Dick Cheney talks Bush, guns and sexy times!

Dick Cheney will be giving his first interview this weekend since leaving the puppetier, er, I mean, VP’s office.  Seriously, does Dick really think anybody wants to hear what he has to say, let alone NOW? Sure he can trash talk both Bush and Obama now that he has nothing to lose but his integrity.  What we’d like to hear are about all the sexy times he had in the White House.  He should write a tell-all book about his sexcapades in the VP office.  Oh wait, he shoots off pellet guns because he has no schlong.  My


Tells Us How You Really Feel About the Governacuda!!

Sarah Palin wants to be VP?  Check out this trainwreck clip from CNN:


Sexy Sarah and the Foreigner

Sarah Palin has been criticized for her lack of foreign policy experience.  To combat this reputation, she is meeting in New York this week with foreigners. This includes Amadallah Bhuti from the Bronx who runs a roti shop, Igor Rusova the famous Russian restauranteur and my cousin Vinny from Brooklyn.


More evidence that Republicans are cheap bastards…

So McCain has won the nomination of his party.  The Earth is again flat and we didn’t evolve from a common ancestor as apes.  I get it. But Republicans are such cheap bastards.  Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have raised more money than John McCain.  As the Republican making a run for the White House, he is now left scrambling trying to raise some funds.  To put it in perspective, McCain has raised about 25% of the funds that either Clinton or Obama have raised.  McCain needs help, and fast.  I don’t even think his hot, sexy, younger wife can help him now.  However, it is not all lost.  Here are some suggestions for the Republicans to raise some dough:

1. Have a bake sale.

2. Sell chocolate bars that say “Vote for McCain”

3. Solicit campaign funds on

4. Auction off McCain’s wigs.

5. Ask the Bushes for a loan from their rich oil friends.

We hope this helps McCain.  If you have trouble seeing the list, let us know and we’ll make the font bigger.


CNN makes false conclusions

Here’s an excerpt from “Clinton at risk of losing latino vote” by Ruben Navarette at CNN: “A recent Gallup survey found Obama in a slight, but not statistically significant, lead over Clinton among Latinos. Obama-mania has gone multicultural. And it’s about time.”
The scientific fallacy behind this statement is so blatantly obvious to us here at Right Wing Crazies. You CANNOT draw conclusions from statistically insignificant findings. It’s rule numero uno for any scientist. Why is CNN exhibiting bias? Are you surprised? We think Ruben is a closet Obama “fan” and he should leave the factual reporting to those most qualified. Shame on you CNN!

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