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Obama and McCain fashion and sex critique

As a woman, Hillary Clinton is getting the short end of the stick. Sexism is still the only allowed bigotry in our society. Misogynist news anchors can make sexist comments, but they don’t lose their jobs. Let’s face it, the sexist attitudes towards women in politics aren’t going to go away. Therefore, it’s a good idea to level the playing field by holding up male candidates to the same standards as women.


Is it me or is John McCain gaining weight? The challenges of the primaries certainly have him stressed, as can be seen by his growing waistline and weathered complexion. Somebody should send him the contact info of Wayne Newton’s plastic surgeon. Some botox would do him good too. Has this man even heard of a hair salon? He needs a touch up coloring like a Hippo needs deodorant. And why does he use his wife as a campaign magnet? Well, it’s obvious that she is much younger and has much more sex appeal, but do you really think you can trust a man that let’s his spouse do the campaigning? C’mon, he is using her popularity to gain votes and it says nothing about his credentials except that he is married to someone that has a lot of mass appeal and respect. He’s a fake and not very sexy.


Now on to Obama. Geez, this outfit needs to go faster than you can say “Call the fashion police!” Obama not only lacks a sense of style, but he’s so boring with his fashion choices. The campaigning is also taking a toll on him as he has no time to eat and is slowly becoming emaciated with all the stress. It’s time for him and Michelle to take a long vacation. In fact, I heard of a great Florida retreat that doubles as marriage counseling. They should look into it. Recent news suggests that debate organizers are going easy on him because of the fear that he is more of a pretty face than a politician. He simply cannot answer the questions that are posed, could this be due to insecurity? The public is just not convinced that this election is personal for him.

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