Megyn Kelly likes animals because they are made of meat.

Megyn Kelly, the demur Faux News anchor shown on the right, has a problem with PETA showing two women kissing in their titilating ads.  PETA says that the ads work and people shouldn’t be so uptight.  Perhaps Megyn’s homophobia is rearing its ugly head.  We would not be surprised if Megyn herself has taken part in some girl on girl action or even a threesome.  Megyn’s job is to be the mildly articulate, semi-hot conservative anchor on Faux News and she has to over-react to such things; it’s her job.  We just are concerned for her emotionally because after years of doing this, the lack of integrity may cause her to go crazy.  We’d love for a Megyn Kelly sex tape to surface; showing her getting on with another woman of course!banderaskelly_427

3 Responses to “Megyn Kelly likes animals because they are made of meat.”

  1. 1 MegynKellysexcrementisexcitement
    July 9, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Hi Coco McBean:

    Let’s not make untrue statements about Megyn Kelly. For all I know, the only sexual activity Megyn Kelly has engaged in in her life is straight missionary activity. There’s no proof that Megyn Kelly has engaged in oral sex, nor is there any proof that Megyn Kelly has had her vagina licked. Megyn Kelly has been married twice-the 1st time to a Dr.

    With the homo&lesbian topic-people will live their sex lives as they see fit, but it’s not homophobic to see something wrong with same sex behaviors. Since you discuss homophobia, there’s alot of ideology which surrounds this. An eg. is “homophobic” crimes. It’s 1 thing to go out & beat up people who aren’t bothering you. However, what has been my observation about “homophobic” crimes is that in quite a few cases, there has been provocation by the victims, such as homos harassing others & then getting beaten up in reaction. For eg., when I went to ASU in 1989, there were cases of homosexual men who were getting arrested for propositioning men in the bathroom.

    The Homosexual groups complained these arrests! A man then wrote a letter to the paper asking “well what about those of us who use the bathroom for it’s intended purpose?” He then said that if he was using the bathroom & a homosexual started propositioning him, that the homosexual is going to wish that he was being arrested. The bathroom is there to pee, fart, shit & washup. If a homosexual man gets beaten up after he propositions another man in the bathroom, then I can’t feel sorry for the homo. No, it still doesn’t excuse beating up nor does it excuse killing the homosexual. However, the homosexual man should be arrested for harassment.

    All batteries & murders are bad, but not all batteries & murders are the same. Beating up or killing a homosexual who is not bothering you & minding his own business is homophobic violence. But beating up or killing a homo who is harassing you while you’re using the bathroom while it’s still not justified is not homophobic violence & the punishment for the latter is less than the former. You shouldn’t have to put up with harassment. Finally, on the homo & lesbian topic, what has been my observation is that most homosexual groups oppose repair therapy to treat homosexuality, yet they think it’s Okay to surgically mutilate men to make them artificial women. With Gender Dysphoria (GID), what they must do is cure or @least better treat GID, not mutilate the patients. Sex change maimings happen because scientists know how to do it & with GID, Drs. & pyschologists have sadly collaborated with a disorder rather than trying to cure or better treat it. They must abolish sex changes because it’s no different than trying to Whiten Blacks who think they’re White.

    Also, Megyn Kelly is a hasbeen. Megyn Kelly was great in 2004 but since late 2006 her looks have just faded & she is approaching menopause. Hopefully Megyn Kelly will not have a C-Section & the baby will exit Megyn Kelly’s vagina. Megyn Kelly will be changing her son or daughter’s diapers after the baby is born, so Megyn Kelly will have to smell the farts & turds of her baby.

    For many years now, Megyn Kelly has had farts & shits exit Megyn Kelly’s anus. Hopefully @least once,Megyn Kelly will have a healthy baby exit Megyn Kelly’s vagina & hopefully Megyn Kelly will give birth to more healthy babies before she hits menopause. What impact does the pregnancy have on Megyn Kelly’s farts & shits which exit Megyn Kelly’s anus? Megyn Kelly will fart & shit until the day she dies.

  2. 2 tammybrucefartsalot
    September 24, 2009 at 10:56 am

    Lesbian talkshow radio hostess Tammy Bruce does smelly farts & turds which exit Tammy Bruce’s dirty anus. Tammy Bruce is into scat & Tammy Bruce farts & shits on her girlfriend. That’s right, smelly farts exit Tammy Bruce’s asshole when she has sex. Tammy Bruce is a dirty lesbian woman. Tammy Bruce is a lesbian who does smelly farts & shits. Tammy Bruce also doesn’t wash her hands after Tammy Bruce shits.

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