Obama Denounces, Rejects, Refuses and Declines…

Does Hillary Clinton have it easier in this campaign than Barack Obama because she is white?  This crazy talk comes from a Chicago pastor supporting the Obama campaign.  Obama has denounced such crazy talk, but not before having very close associations with it.  This comes in a long string of people that Obama has had to distance himself from.  It makes us wonder the kind of people supporting him.  Case in point, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are hosting a scientology dinner for him in Boston.


1 Response to “Obama Denounces, Rejects, Refuses and Declines…”

  1. 1 susan aldridge
    March 15, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Why are there so many anti-somebody blogs? What has America come to? Most presidents have had as little experience as both democratic candidates. So that is a non-point. Mc Cain is a nice man but not bold enough to make change.

    The point is: do you want change? Do you want same old same old? 4 More years of the Clinton family? Why not Chelsey after that? We already had years and years of the Bush family. Are Americans yearning for ruling families? No. Washington is corrupt and run by rich whites. Rev. Jeremiah Wright was right about that. Let us change it.

    And while we are at it, why not separate church and state? and not be examining 20 years of sermons in Trinity church to try and prevent change? Do you think everybody has to believe what the Pope says if he is a Catholic? Did you ever hear all the sermons Martin Luther King Jr. gave in his fight for change? No.

    And then let us not forget freedom of speech. When Martin Luther King was assassinated, what was preached in churches on that Sunday? Do you have recordings? maybe they might have dared to be angry and express things we whites don’t like to hear. So what?

    Shall we turn candidates into robots, computerized never to say anything but politically correct pre-agreed on phrases and have all the people on the campaign be equally bland? To change things Americans have to have some passion, be whistle blowers, lead marches, fight town hall and say things some people don’t like to hear. Let them. Don’t join in with the lynch mobs. Stand up and fight for your rights as Americans to express beliefs and passions and let others do so.

    We are letting the TV senders set the tone of a three ringed frenzy- they must spend weeks digging for something which will boost ratings for a few days. Maybe they will even find an old politically incorrect “objectionable” speech from one of our heros and have his national holiday taken away.

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