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Question Period is so Useless… but is Baird a bear or a cub?

Today watching Question Period in the House of Commons, it became clear that it really is useless.  When visiting in person, I could hardly hear the various members giving their 2 cents on a wide range of topics.  As a result, I resorted to critiquing fashion and seat placement.  However, watching it on TV and being able to hear it as it happens, I started to wonder other things.  First off, the translators must be the most well versed Canadians when it comes to politics.  I would bet they know more than many of the MPs in Ottawa, many of which don’t show up for Question Period.  The Conservatives in government rarely answer questions.  Their responses are curt and they always spin the end of their question into some sort of astonishment that they would even be asked those questions.  Some examples today are the Chuck Cadman affair and the environment.  Opposition MPs were very critical, suggesting that the new “environmental initiatives” put in place by the government favour Alberta.  What I did learn was that the government is ONE BILLION DOLLARS OVER BUDGET in Afghanistan.  They certainly don’t go over budget on health care or child care.   The NDP whines a lot, and the government does make a point in saying they could never do anything because they would never get elected.  John Baird however, is the worst.  He fails to answer questions and makes grunty faces at the end of every sentence.  I was pondering two things: what does the big, flamboyant ring on his right hand signify and does he consider himself a bear or a cub?


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More evidence that Republicans are cheap bastards…

So McCain has won the nomination of his party.  The Earth is again flat and we didn’t evolve from a common ancestor as apes.  I get it. But Republicans are such cheap bastards.  Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have raised more money than John McCain.  As the Republican making a run for the White House, he is now left scrambling trying to raise some funds.  To put it in perspective, McCain has raised about 25% of the funds that either Clinton or Obama have raised.  McCain needs help, and fast.  I don’t even think his hot, sexy, younger wife can help him now.  However, it is not all lost.  Here are some suggestions for the Republicans to raise some dough:

1. Have a bake sale.

2. Sell chocolate bars that say “Vote for McCain”

3. Solicit campaign funds on

4. Auction off McCain’s wigs.

5. Ask the Bushes for a loan from their rich oil friends.

We hope this helps McCain.  If you have trouble seeing the list, let us know and we’ll make the font bigger.


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